Employees, at the heart of the company, play a key role in corporate social responsibility.

Chenfeng Group has been focusing on clothing manufacturing for 50 years. Its dedication to development over that time has led Chenfeng to firmly believe that it is not only a traditional industry, but it is also an industry about people.
Chenfeng is not only a production industry that provides warm and comfortable clothing, but also a creative industry that leads the way in fashion, aesthetics and trend creation.

"Employees are the company's most valuable asset" is the mantra at the heart of Chenfeng Group's development. As such, the enterprise pays considerable attention to the status, treatment and sense of satisfaction of its employees. Chenfeng Group sees the constant cultivation of harmonious labor relations, and the development of outstanding employees, as a key internal driver of the long-term and stable development of the Group. The group is concerned with the interests of its employees and, as such, promotes democratic management, creates a good working atmosphere, and an environment in which employees can develop. Employees, energy, water resources, health and safety, and waste are the main elements that influence the enterprise's sustainable development. We are striving to make improvements and achieve sustainable development internally as a company.

Take charity as the cornerstone and the platform to form a link to practice proper corporate social responsibility.

Alongside developing itself, the company is also concerned with giving back to socially disadvantaged groups, and actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, particularly through charitable ventures aimed at contributing to the development of the textile and clothing industry.
The company provides product display, training and exchange platforms to other organizations involved in the industry for free. The company provides work experience and training with our brand owners and suppliers to students specializing in textiles and clothing disciplines from domestic and overseas colleges and universities, management staff at all levels, and new employees in order to promote industrial exchanges and cultivate talent within the industry.
The company views corporate social responsibility as more than a set of guidelines, and not as something that must be executed at the cost of the company's primary goals. Instead Chenfeng Group has built corporate social responsibility into the core of the way the company works, ensuring that making a difference to social problems and promoting good social values is a part of the Group's business as usual.

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