About us .

About us

Chenfeng Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1967, is a member of the International Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

  Chenfeng Group started with the production and processing of silk garments and adhered to a development strategy of “corporate grouping, production scaling, internationalization of operations and the integration of production and research”. As a result of its dedication to the garment industry and unremitting efforts for 51 years, it has now established five major garment production bases at Jintan, Kunshan, Suqian, Sihong and Liyang, respectively, two linen and cotton textile production bases at Changshu and Suqian, with its products covering all clothing categories except formal suits. Its products are mainly exported to countries including Japan, the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

  'Employees are the company's most valuable asset' is the concept at the heart of Chenfeng Group's development. The Group champions the interests of its employees and creates a good working atmosphere for its employees and an environment where they can develop. At the same time, it focuses on those elements necessary to achieve sustainable development within the company.

  Alongside developing itself, the company is also concerned with what it can give back to socially disadvantaged groups, and actively fulfils its corporate social responsibilities, particularly through charitable ventures aimed at contributing to the development of the textile and clothing industry. The company provides work experience and training to students specializing in textile and garment disciplines from domestic and overseas colleges and universities, independent designers, brand owners and management staff at all levels, as well as new employees in order to promote industrial exchanges, free exhibition, talent cultivation, and the construction and development of exchange platforms. 

  Confronted with new global competition and focusing on the enterprise's sustainable development, Chenfeng employees will continue to uphold our entrepreneurial spirit to “behave in a steadfast manner and handle affairs with a conscientious ethos' and our business philosophy of integrity and pragmatism, following the new trends of market and industrial development, and working hard towards the objective of 'building the most competitive textile and clothing ecosystem in China'.